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From Broadway to Space | Deysi Melgar

When Deysi Melgar sees a cell phone, an airplane, and a dress made out of balloons, she sees the one thing that these items have in common—they are all created by talented and passionate engineers who want to make a difference in the world.

For Deysi, engineering is the perfect way to blend her passion for creativity with an intense love for math. But she didn’t know engineering was her calling until 2008, when she took a leap of faith and landed on Design Squad—a PBS show that challenges young students to dream up and engineer solutions for everyday problems. During her season on the show, 17-year-old Deysi watched her passions collide.

“I learned through the challenges we tackled on the show that engineering enables me to work with great people, solve problems, be creative, and make a difference in people’s lives,” she explains.

In this out-of-the-box TEDx talk, Deysi tells her captivating story about finding her passions and discovering just how important engineering can be in people’s everyday lives. She will also encourage you to let your curiosity carry you away.  “Try new things… something might completely change the path of what you want to do in life, and that’s okay. Follow the passion that sparks inside of you.”

Learn more about Deysi’s work with Design Squad here.