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Defying the Odds, Reclaiming Life | Jason + Marjorie Crigler

One moment in time. That’s all it took to send Jason Crigler’s life and family reeling.

On August 4th, 2004, a malformed blood vessel burst in Jason’s brain while he was on stage playing with his band in New York City. At the hospital, Jason’s family, including his pregnant wife Monica, his parents, and his sister Marjorie, tried to hold their hearts together as they received gut-wrenching news.

“At the hospital, the attending neurosurgeon told [us]…that Jason probably would not live through the night,” Marjorie recalls. “And even if he did, his neurological prognosis was very poor. Meaning that the Jason we knew and loved was gone.”

But, Jason did make it through the night. In fact, 34-year-old Jason continued to battle for months, encountering everything from meningitis to uncontrollable seizures. So his family did the only thing they could think to do—they continued to be there for him.

“I can remember pushing my hand under all of the lines that were going in and out of Jason so I could wrap my arms around him, so he wouldn’t forget what it felt like to be embraced,” said Marjorie. “And we said ‘I love you’ and we kept our minds open to every possibility.”

And at TEDxBeaconStreet, Jason Crigler joined his sister on stage—a healthy, walking, talking miracle, telling his incredible story as only he could.

“So… I’m still alive,” he jokes.

This TEDxTalk surpasses the extraordinary and enters the realm of the miraculous. Listen to Marjorie and Jason tell their stories of triumph, family, heart-soaring faith and sweet guitar melodies. This is one miracle you’ve got to see—and hear—to believe.

See the award-winning documentary Life. Support. Music. by Eric Daniel Metzgar, which aired on PBS in 2009.