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Congrats Kandice!

We are thrilled to announce that Kandice Sumner has become our latest Speaker to be featured on TED.com.

Kandice’s talk, “Survivor’s Remorse,” tells the story of how she escaped bad neighborhood schools through a bus ride, back when Boston public schools were forcibly integrated. She received an excellent education, and went back to teach in the very school district she’d avoided as a child.

Kandice speaks passionately about her bright, engaged, inspiring kids, and about how frustrated she is that the tools she learned with aren’t Kandice_Sumneravailable to them. She also zooms out to the big questions: What do we really mean when we say “achievement gap”? If Brown v. Board desegregated American public schools in 1954, why do black & brown children get a different education than white kids?

Kandice worked incredibly hard on her talk, but this achievement is a celebration of our whole community. The video and audio quality from Pulse are great, showing her compassion and determination. The set and lighting design from Bergmeyer set the stage for deep thoughts. The reaction shots from a diverse, engaged audience prompt viewers to take it as seriously (and have as much fun) as we did, and the support you’ve given Kandice online has helped propel her to this success. The view counts (collectively TEDxBeaconStreet is over 75 million views to date) and profiles on the beautifully designed TEDxBeaconStreet.com speak to the professionalism and dedication of the conference. None of this would be possible without the countless contributions of time, talent, and money that you have made.

Thank you all so much for your contributions to putting ideas in action, and for your support of Kandice. Congrats to her and to all of us!

If you’re excited to see more great Speakers like her, don’t forget to register for our 2016 event! Join us on November 19-20 to learn more about education and other important issues.