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Choreographed Learning

When Tatiana Lingos-Webb left her job as an Investment Banker to be a Trapeze Instructor, her family and friends thought she had lost her mind. Comically enough, doing this was the first step in discovering her passion, true calling, and getting her mind on track to what is important in life.

Following her work with trapeze, Tatiana founded an organization called Dancing Classrooms. Dancing Classrooms goes into 5th grade classes and teaches ballroom dance over a series of several weeks.

Teachers who have a conventional way of thinking often turn down the offer for this program, and parents will express that the dance is cute, but it is just a dance. What the world doesn’t know, however, is the valuable social and emotional education a child can learn just from being taught ballroom dance.

When the children got past the initial “Ew we don’t want to touch each other!” their minds adapted to being focused on the challenge of learning. Ballroom dance teaches more than just the waltz. The life skills that come along with this skill are teamwork, self control, focus, respect, confidence, and grit.

Right now, schools have an unfair tradeoff of cognitive and non cognitive learning. A study showed that school systems that fostered programs on emotional learning scored 11 points higher on standardized testing.

This is a movement of life skills. Character education makes for powerful human beings! So, what creativity can YOU bring to a classroom?