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Electronic Tattoos | Carmichael Roberts and Son

Carmichael Roberts started his career as a technologist and today he builds and invests in companies that use chemistry, materials science and materials engineering in innovative ways to make the world a better place.

He’s also made the world a better place by bringing his son and sidekick, Carmichael Roberts III, to the stage at TEDxBeaconStreet. Together father and son discussed how electronics are used today and where they are going in the future. And the future is decidedly stretchy!

“Picture a computer you can put on your body like a sticker or a removable tattoo – or a stamp, a biostamp,” explains Carmichael Roberts.  Athletes can use biostamps directly on muscles to measure the effectiveness of their workouts. Moms and Dads can use biostamps to monitor the health of their children. Pipes up Carmichael Roberts III, “My lacrosse team could wear biostamps to measure if they had a really bad hit or to measure their heart rates.”  The opportunities are only limited by imagination and innovation.

“It’s great to see minds open up to the incredible possibilities enabled by science and technology,” Carmichael Roberts says with enthusiasm, “we hope our father-son teamwork at TEDxBeaconStreet helps you imagine how you might use stretchy electronics in your everyday life. “

For more information on biostamps, visit MC10, the company making these innovations that is co-founded and chaired by Carmichael Roberts.