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Adventures Journal: Bowling Adventure at 6am? Yep, We did that.

80’s themed adventurers rock out the lanes at Kings

Ever wondered what it’s like to go bowling at 6:00AM? Just ask TEDxBeaconStreet Adventurers, who donned neon bowling shoes for the eighties-themed tour through King’s Bowling in Boston on November 17. Gathered to learn about the science of bowling, adventurers met bowling expert John Anthony, who had promised to divulge the way he matches players of all shapes and sizes with the perfect bowling ball for their ergonomic makeup.

Beyond Anthony’s promise, adventurers were treated to a behind-the-scenes—or rather, behind the alley—tour by King’s staff. Thanks to this thriller-laced morning, we can now credit the world’s population with five more experts on pinsetter mechanics.

Two of our most enthusiastic new experts said they hadn’t had a better day. Ever.

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Thanks to Kings for a great adventure!