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Beyond The Stage: An Interview With George Church

At the Franklin Park Zoo on June 16th, George Church spoke from inside a Baird’s Tapir exhibit. George gave his own insight and experience on veganism, and why he is vegan himself. He also shares his plans to reverse aging in dogs, and if that works, reverse aging in humans.

His talk brought out so many ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience and raised so many questions. When he exited the stage, I mean animal exhibit, we were lucky enough to get our most pressing questions answered.

When George Church was asked about age reversing, and what he sees as his biggest accomplishment, he insinuates it has yet to come. George says, “Since we are working on aging reversal, I would say that 99% of [my best work] is ahead of me, but even if it doesn’t work my lab is working very hard on a lot of things.”

It is exciting and mind-boggling that IN ADDITION to age reversal, George and his team have other things in the works. For example, he is working on ways to revitalize elephant populations, which he says will help reclaim savanna from new forests. One day, using his new genetic technologies, he might even figure out how to reintroduce mammoths to the Siberian landscape.

We finished our discussion with George asking what he would like to come of his work and what he would like to see change. George, who has given many incredible talks on his work, makes the case we need to have even more discussions. In addition, George says “[We need] broad discussions and hopefully far more funding for ecologists.”

We are so thankful to have George as such a successful and kind member of our TEDxBeaconStreet community.