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Back to School!

It’s that time of year again! The rulers and pencils are neatly stacked in cases, the textbooks are lined up on the shelf: School has begun!

We get to join in the excitement at TEDxBeaconStreet, too; many of our Speakers and community members are teachers, students, or school administrators, and of course we’re always learning. We want to take a minute to celebrate our Speakers who are teachers or education advocates, and wish them a wonderful school year.

In the 2016 group, Christopher Robichaud teaches political science and Ron Sullivan teaches law at Harvard; Antón García-Abril, Cesar Hidalgo, and Pattie Maes teach at MIT; Peter Kramer teaches medicine at Brown; Tobias Hollerer teaches computer science at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Emmanuel Schanzer teaches high school algebra. Cameron Mastoras is thinking about ways to revolutionize classroom learning and get kids excited about school the way he was excited about computer science.

The beginning of the academic year is full of promise, excitement, and open minds. That’s exactly the kind of attitude that helps us thrive at TEDxBeaconStreet; we can’t wait to spend another year learning!