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Social Justice Through the Power of Food | Ashley Stanley

Ashley Stanley founded Lovin’ Spoonfuls in 2012, based on her realization that the “There is Not Enough” model of food drives was inherently flawed.  While eating in a restaurant with her mother in 2010, Ashley suddenly became aware of just how much leftover food was going to waste.   A little research that included both Googling and knocking on the back door of Trader Joe’s to see what was being thrown away revealed that an unbelievable amount of usable food was being discarded.

Her dream of being a professional athlete might have ended with blowing out both of her knees, but it placed her on the path that led to her present work.  In the past 3 years she has brought the city of Boston together to fight hunger and food insecurity with fresh, healthy food and been honored by the Boston Business Journal and Oxfam International for her efforts.