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Answers to the TEDxBeaconStreet crossword

We talk a lot about our awesome community: they do everything from coaching our Speakers, to sharing our talks online, to helping build our website, checking in attendees at our event, and attending our event to learn about and spread great ideas.

What you may not know is that our community isn’t just here in Boston; it’s spread across the globe. We’ve had event attendees from every continent except Antartica at our Boston event.

But even when people can’t come to the Lincoln School, they join us via the livestream on our site during the big weekend. They host amazing viewing parties and participate in the excitement from afar! We heard from parties in Nigeria, Canada, and other places during the weekend, and we are so thrilled to know that our community includes these dedicated people all around the world.

Now, to help them get in the spirit, we posted a little crossword puzzle to kill time during breaks. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try! Post your score in the comments below.

If you’ve already done the puzzle, check your answers below:

3. BlackHole
4. GoldenGate
5. Bamboo
6. Millenial
7. Parks
9. SouthSudan
10. Infertility
11. Blame
15. SocialNetwork
17. VisiCalc
18. Taxes

1. GossipGirl
2. Robots
5. Beautiful
8. Ski
13. Scratch
14. Healthy
15. Spotlight
16. Coomba