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Always More To Learn

There’s a lot out there to learn. This is what TEDx reminds us: that whatever we know, however we understand the world, there is always more data, another perspective, a deeper dive that could change how we think about things. When we read books and articles, go to lectures, and have interesting conversations, we constantly push boundaries, not just of what we know, but also what we don’t know; every answer brings new questions. This week, the New York Times reminds us how important it is to keep our minds open to learning new things. Jamie Holmes writes:

Michael Smithson, a social scientist at Australian National University who co-taught an online course on ignorance this summer, uses this analogy: The larger the island of knowledge grows, the longer the shoreline — where knowledge meets ignorance — extends. The more we know, the more we can ask. Questions don’t give way to answers so much as the two proliferate together. Answers breed questions. Curiosity isn’t merely a static disposition but rather a passion of the mind that is ceaselessly earned and nurtured.

TEDxBeaconStreet and Ideas in Action seek to nurture this passion of the mind. We constantly ask questions: How can we do better? What are the problems that need addressing, and who can tell us about them? How can we harness the technology we have to solve the problems we face? This curiosity drives our speakers, our catalysts, our organizers, and our community. We’re excited to hear your questions and learn with you this year; don’t miss the exciting ideas at our November 2015 event!


To hear more about the learning process, watch this talk by Richard Culatta, Deputy Director of the Office of Educational Training.