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When Good Stories Happen to Shy People | Akiba Abaka

Akiba Abaka spent most of her Jamaican childhood listening and looking up, sitting at the feet of the elders in her community, listening to them tell stories. But inside of this shy, quiet girl was a heart that locked away every story she heard and made it her own. From fairytales like “Jack and the Beanstalk” to the rich histories of places like Berlin and South Africa, Abaka learned to weave stories with threads of culture, bursts of color, gripping action, and humanity. Today Akaba is a “director and collector of stories,” as well as a dramatist, producer, and artist. In this beautifully-woven talk from TEDxBeaconStreet you will see the value of colorful communication, of expression, and of sharing the stories that make us all human and connected. After all, “The world will always need a good storyteller.”

Akiba Abaka is a director, dramatist, producer, actor, educator and artist-entrepreneur whose mission is to laugh, speak and write about the intricate beauty and contradictions of culture, identity and heritage as a means of helping all people enjoy their humanity.