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Adventures Journal: Superstorm Sandy

For this adventure on January 22 2013, civil and environmental engineer Marcus Quigley welcomed adventurers into his office in Coolidge corner. We were there to learn about the work he’s doing with resilience and planning in relation to climate change and more unpredictable weather. It was invigorating to know that we were learning about storm management from one of the best– Quigley is recognized as a national technical leader in stormwater best management practice (BMP) design, research and development, modeling, data analysis, and field data acquisition.

During the adventure, remarks participant George Mokray, “we learned that smart systems and the “internet of things” are coming of age and getting integrated into the built environment in subtle ways.  Quigley mentioned some systems they’ve worked on that allow cisterns of buildings that have water collection systems to dump before predicted storms therefore reducing problems from combined sewerage overflows, when excessive rainwater causes raw sewage to flow through water runoff drains.”

This adventure helped us focus on putting this pressing Idea into Action. Thanks, Marcus, for your important work!