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A Special Moment

Speaker Steven Koppel is the founder of the EDI Institute, an organization that uses  Expressive Digital Imagery (EDI) to promote recovery and emotional resilience. EDI enables people to express meaningful aspects of their lives using imagery created on mobile devices. EDI is already being used by some of the nation’s leading institutions and has helped people facing mental illness, cancer, addiction, and homelessness. At our conference in two weeks, Steve will have a table set up to allow you to try EDI for yourself and to send your images to friends and family; he’s also collecting images prior to the event. Everyone may have an opportunity to send in an image and see it on display at the conference! If you’d like to contribute an image, please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the free “MyMoments.org” app available on the Apple app store, and use the access code “TEDx” when registering to use the app.
2. Beginning with any photographs you choose, create expressive images on the theme of “Resilience”
3. Submit your images by pressing the “Send” button (located inside the “Finish” section of the MyMoments app)
4. Watch for your image being displayed on a screen in the lobby during the TEDxBeaconStreet weekend!