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A Recap Of Our Tropical Rainforest Takeover

On June 16th, TEDxBeaconStreet kicked off our first Salon-style event of 2018 at the Franklin Park Zoo. We brought the iconic red dot into the Baird’s Tapir Exhibit and made it our stage for the evening. Speakers like the world-renowned Harvard geneticist George Church, and multiple strong and inspiring animal rights activists spoke at our event. The hard work of speech prep and cleaning up after the Tapirs is over, and we are ready to share the stories of the night.


Akito van Troyer transforms everyday objects into a unique, and fascinating style of music. Immerse yourself in his creative composition and watch HERE.

Imagine growing up with your neighbors being giraffes, elephants, and monkeys; this was Rory Browne‘s reality. From being raised across from a London Zoo to being inside an exhibit just last month, he is internationally known as an authority on the history of zoos. Browne knows first hand how Zoos have changed over the years, let him teach you and watch HERE.

Zoos, just like ours in Boston, are a hub for family outings, dates, and summer days, but what do you do when someone abuses the amenities and fun of the environment? For Rita Poussaint Nethersole, a volunteer at the Franklin Park Zoo, this is a daily struggle. Hear how to have the best and most enjoyable experience of your time at the Zoo and be respectful of the animals by watching HERE.



Danika Oriol-Morway, an activist against the caging of parrots and other wild animals, sat down inside an animal exhibit to talk about how we harm birds by bringing them into our homes. Watch her powerful interview HERE.

 In November of 2018 Massachusetts will be voting on public accomodation rights for transgender people. If this bill passes, those who identify as transgender could be banned or given limited access to public places, just like the Zoo. Mason Dunn shares his story of how nature has helped him on his journey of self-acceptance, and how important these amenities are to transgender people. Watch his talk HERE

Colin Van Dyke has a proposition, if animals are not meant to live in cages, but Zoos exist, what can we do to help? Dyke educates humans about how to make choices that are less harmful to animals and wildlife, let him teach you too by watching HERE.

Human age reversal isn’t just something in movies anymore, George Church has discovered that animals can be an extremely useful resource in prolonging human lives and promoting general health. Intrigued? Learn more by watching HERE.

When the Speakers wrapped up and the red dot was packed away, our special guests Abby and her baby came home, I mean, to our stage. We got news from the Zoo they are STILL talking about the event.

We are so proud of our first Salon event, and cannot wait to bring you more experiences to learn, listen, and be involved.

We have upcoming Salons…

August 1st on Emerging Tech at Kendall Square 

August 16th on Exploration at TripAdvisor 

August 27th on Perspectives at Fenway Park 

October 27th on Late Night at WGBH