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A New Era of Politics

Emily Cherniack envisions a new generation of politics in which servants take office. During John F. Kennedy’s time in office, around 60% of congress was made up of veterans. Together, they were able to accomplish a wide variety of important policies, including the Clean Air Act. They all worked under the same ethic: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”



In today’s world, very few people in public office are veterans. Instead, our government is overrun with wealthy families that have been in power for a long time. They are not necessarily the best people to represent our country. Our political system has barriers that prevent very qualified people from taking office or even running. Political culture can be pretty toxic, and drives away the service leaders we need.


Cherniack says, “I decided to address this servant deficit in our politics. So I founded an organization called newpolitics. Our vision is to bring a new generation of leadership into politics by helping a promising service veterans run for office. We believe these leaders can invigorate democracy…”


There are many veterans who are now running for public office because of newpolitics. People with hands-on experience serving the country have a special understanding of certain issues. They can empathize with more U.S. citizens better than those who were raised in wealthy families that have been in the public eye for decades. Through an organization like newpolitics, we can grow a new movement of Americans who solve problems and put their country first.


Although it may feel like we are in difficult political times, Cherniack is hopeful for the future. She says, “Someday soon, when these proven leaders step forward and raise their hand to serve their country in elected office, their bold ideas and deep sense of patriotism will not be seen as political liabilities, but as prerequisite for the job.”