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10,000 cans. 25,000 rubber bands.

Recycled, Crowdsourced, Bergmeyer. Brilliant.

For the second year in a row Bergmeyer designed our incredible stage set. And this year they stepped up with an ambitious idea and set it in action with the help of the entire TEDxBeaconStreet community. Recycled soda and water bottles were collected from Lincoln School families and Boston area companies and individuals. Google employees donated 1/4 of the cans! Each can took 20 seconds to clean and rinse. That’s 55 hours of Bergmeyer time just washing. The cans were then pre-assembled into “bricks” of 100 cans + 250 rubber bands. When transporting to the Lincoln School Bergmeyer discovered that a typical cargo van can only hold about 7,500 cans – doh!  After use, the cans will be redeemed and the proceeds donated to the Lincoln School.

We cannot thank Matt Hyatt and the whole team at Bergmeyer enough for their inspired work! Watch this incredible video condensing this huge effort into 2:45 minutes!