Adventure Catalyst Program

Beyond the 600+ talks over the last 6 years, a major impact of Ideas in Action is through our Adventure Model.

Adventure Catalysts are visionary TEDx organizers from across the globe who join our annual conference to share and experiment with formats of community engagement through our Adventures model. We’re always excited to host these Organizers as a way to replicate and build upon this model for amplifying compelling ideas and setting them into action in their local communities.

To date, we’ve hosted

  • 272 Adventure Catalysts (~58% returning each year)
  • across 6 continents, 36 countries, 97 cities
  • 89 TEDx’s represented

Are you a TEDx Organizer and interested in joining us? See this year’s program and apply for our class of 2018.





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Meet the Class of 2018

2018 Adventure Catalyst Representation